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Talking Adventure Time: Fionna cosplay help

Ok so for halloween I've been working on my Fionna cosplay and I've kind of hit a snag. I'm contemplating over many of the skirts to choose from on ebay, as well as the shirts. Here are a few links I have for each.

Skirt: The main problem with the skirt is I'm worried about it's size. I want to spend under $8 for one and also all the skirts being sold are "XS" which worries me because I'm not exactly an extra small. But I've come across these that although they are "XS" they stretch up to 35 inches on the waist and 43 inches on the hips. And my waist is 35 inches and my hips are a 37. I need to order the skirt very soon so I need an opinion. If the skirts are supposed to stretch this far, would you buy them? (2 links of skirts I'm contemplating) 9825076

Shirt: For the shirt, it's also a very similair problem. I had thought a shirt I had got from goodwill would do the trick, but the way it looks on me and how the fabric is, I just really don't like it. (Plus my bra shows very easily) I'm looking a good t-shirt that's a simple teal-ish color like Fionna's but I don't want it too tight or small. Any ideas?
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