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If I'm not working that night I might go. I was thinking some costumes I could do tell me what you think.

-Oozaru (DBE) I have a Goku DBE costume from last AN and I have a werewolf mask and hands. The only problem would be one the werewolf mask tends to shed (not kidding) and also I would have to think how to do the arms and chest.

-Hollow Ichigo I have Ichigo's sword but that's it. I would need to find a costume and mask. I know the masks are common though.

-Eva Unit 6 Now this is nothing more then a mere pipe dream. I have nothing to work with other then cardboard and no skill in crafting

-An OC I was thinking about possibly a demon possessed version of my DBZ character but I'm not sure how to quite do that as of yet but would love tips.
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