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Originally Posted by The Hag View Post
O.k. Glad to hear that it wasn't just me. It also bothered me that the bosses didn't have a health bar. I was never sure which of my attacks were doing the most damage. Their armor would fall off but was that from a particular combo? A cumulative effect? I could never figure it out. But yeah, I didn't think it was a bad game. It had some unique aspects to it and I'd definitely recommend it to someone like DF who plays a lot of different stuff (especially for $15). For me though, the enjoyment to effort ratio wasn't large enough.

Tried Fable 2 with sort of the same result. It had a lot of stuff that sounded cool in theory (like being able to burp and fart) but was actually sort of dull in practice. The combat was super easy. So I gave that up and am back playing Demon's Souls.
Oooo! What soul level are you? We should do co-op! I enjoy helping out in that game just as much as I enjoy invading/PVP. Also, I had similar experiences with Nano Breaker and NeverDead. They both had a lot of cool ideas, but the execution couldn't possibly have been any further off. Key difference bein' that El Shaddai wasn't a terrible game.
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