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seeking help with this vest!!

i might have posted before, (sorry if i did) but im looking for a new pattern for my cosplay. i got the knit like fabric i want to use and stuff but finding the right pattern to use has been a chore. ive tried a few and they havent come out right at all.if anyone can please point me out a few to look at that would be great . im wanting to buy it today and make it for i have a cosplay event oct 7 that i need it done by.

character : otoya ittoki (starish outfit) (red head)
show: uta no prince sama
here are some pics

this one is from the show. im looking for a vest that has that front collar part. its seen better on the guy with blue hair

here is another pics

there isno back on the vest but i can handle that but im looking for a vest that does that and doesnt close as it doesnt appear his does at all

thanks so much!!
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