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I bought an Ivy in white in order to do my cosplay for Story of Evil Haku Yowane, and it's great! I don't need to style it too hard, as it ties well into a low ponytail, and it still retains a managable length (I didn't go for hip-length because it's more expensive and more of a bother to care for). There's still some styling I need to do, such as trimming the bangs and adding tails to the ribbon, but I'll be working on that in the coming weeks.

These images are with morning sunlight, both direct and more indirect. The warmth/coolness definitely depends on the lighting, but compared to some of my other whites the wig is a touch on the warm side to begin with. I wouldn't be concerned about the temperature of the color, though, since it's not obvious at first glance and, again, lighting makes a huge difference.

Note that for the next that, the beige is NOT part of the wig, but is from a wig cap I bought. That one section was also easily covered up by gently moving the hair to cover it; I will likely retie it once it's time to wear the costume to be sure I have it covered.

Direct lighting: The two above, plus front view and bow close-up
In a corner: Side view, front view, back view

I don't have any high-quality images of me wearing the wig, though. If anyone's really curious, these are the best examples I have: Back view, Side view, Headshot

When I have the chance to capture higher-quality images, I'll post them here.

This is the first wig I've ever owned, so I'm glad that it's of good quality!
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