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♥ A paycheck is a pretty good motivator. I recently got a job at a gym, and I have to be active at work if I want to keep my job. Job = paycheck = money for costuming, cons, etc.! I have to do at least one class a week, but I attend as many classes as I can. I also work my way around the circuit and do some kickboxing in my downtime. So I'm working out and being social with the members, but I'm getting paid for it! :>

♥ I think about my current dream cosplay. He wears very little and he's quite fit. I'm not aiming for those abs of his, but having a flat tummy with just the slightest trace of muscle would be ideal for me. So picturing myself in that costume really helps me keep going during classes at the gym.

♥ I really do want to be healthy and fit. I've never really been overweight, and I don't fancy the thought of letting myself get out of shape. I like having more energy and I enjoy being active. I definitely consider my health and well-being to be a good chunk of my motivation.

♥ I'd say that music is a great way to get me going, along with audiobooks when I go for walks or jogs. When I'm on break or have a day off from work, I put on some good dancing music and have at it for an hour [or more, if I'm feeling especially energetic]. I don't just stand there and bounce a little, I have myself a dance party for one. >D It's fun and gets me pumped for the day. In fact, I think I'd be dancing right now if my father weren't in the room.

I know it's hard to stay motivated, but never give up! Keep your goals in mind, find a workout that you enjoy, and just give it your all. You're capable! o vo
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