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Originally Posted by MirniMausi View Post
I wonder why youre mom is so against people on cons, even though she seems to have never attended one. Have you ever asked her what makes her think so negatively about congoers and cons? She doesn't seem informed about it at all, so I really asked myself while reading that where her opposition against cosplayers comes from.
As someone with a mother who is still somewhat against cosplay (though begrudgingly allows me to partake in it), this is usually the reason. Simply put, they only know what they think they know, and what they think they know is usually wrong. XD My mom was convinced that all anime conventions were overrun with pedophiles and creepy people who have no grasp of reality. She refused to do any research on the matter and continued to believe this opinion. Honestly, the only thing that eventually allowed her to go was a lot of time, and her seeing that I am responsible enough to be able to go to one of these events. At age 13, she let me attend my first convention (a rather small one that had only about 2,500 participants) with my aunt and cousin, then on Sunday (the slowest day) she dropped in to see that everything was to her standards. Again, she still thinks it's weird and creepy, but she's been allowing me to go to them since as long as I go with my aunt. XD Of course, she still refuses to let me go to a large convention like Sakura Con, even though I'll be 16 at the time of Sakura Con '13. Oh well though, I plan to go when I'm 18 (and if I keep up my grades, I might get to go for Saturday only).

The only way to combat stubborn misconceptions is to just be the mature one about it, and show that regardless of what they think the rest of the community is like, that you can handle it and be safe.

So there's more of my spiel on it. *shrug* I suppose some of the precautions comes from concern, but hopefully your mother will come around soon, OP. ^^

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