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Hey all, I'm back again. School's been keeping me pretty busy, but I managed to go buy myself a compression shirt at Target on Thursday. Cost me $25 exactly.

I ended up buying a small size. They weren't kidding about the extra small! I could barely get my hands through the sleeves. I didn't want to risk getting it over my head, for fear of not being able to get it off again! XD

But, I have a question: How "tight" should the shirt actually fit? It's a bit tricky to get on because the cuffs and collar don't stretch, but once it's on, it's still a bit.. Wrinkly. Is it not supposed to be that tight? Or is there a specific way to put it on to prevent wrinkles? ^^; Maybe I can try to alter mine or something, because I don't think I want to get that Extra-Small shirt. 8[
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