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Originally Posted by Tarah-Rex View Post
Awe thank you so much!!! That means a lot to me! Here's some pics from PAX with all the ink and a gun, etc.

I'm actually fairly new-ish to Borderlands to I haven't played it through yet, but I love it and am stoked for the BL 2!! I probably won't be at acen, its just too far for me to go for just a few days and there's really not many cons anywhere near me other than PAX Prime (that I know of at least) It's unfortunate *tear*
Oh that's totally awesome. Great job seriously bro .

It's even more kickass that you ran into those cl4ptraps lol. Aw that's such a bummer =(. Well, if you're ever in Illinois bring your cosplay so we can have a really boring photoshoot lol xD.

If you want someone to play BL1 with, I'll give you my gamertag if you feel like PMing me. I started a Siren not too long ago, and she's nearing level 20, so if you have any characters close to her we should get some co-op going lol.

Anyways, if you cell shaded yourself, your cosplay would be beyond perfect. Grats once again .
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