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What Time is it? ADVENTURE TIME! Gathering 2013

[[ N O T I C E!!!]
This is NOT - I repeat NOT - the gathering thread for AnimeLA 2014. I've no idea why, but this thread is still showing up for the group of 2014 gatherings. I am sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to hide or delete this thread so it will still show up. If someone may like to host the 2014 gathering, please make a new gathering thread for it and clearly state it is the 2014 one in order to avoid confusion. I would make one myself, but I cannot host the gathering for personal issues. I deeply apologize. I ask that everyone please stop commenting on this thread as there is no need to. Thank you.

Alrighty, so first things first! Hey, everyone! This is a forum for an Adventure Time Gathering. I didn't see one up here, so why not? This will be my first time hosting a gathering, so I'm a little nervous. But if anyone would like to help me co-host, I'd love all the help I can get! This'll be totally mathematical! :'D

Day : TBA
Time : TBA
Location : Pool Deck


Main Characters
Princess Bubblegum
-The Merchant's girlfriend**
Lumpy Space Princess
Flame Princess
Lady Rainicorn
Ice King
Prince Gumball
Marshall Lee
Lumpy Space Prince
Flame Prince
Ice Queen
~Gut Grinder
~Hunson Abadeer
-The Merchant**

If I missed anyone, please ask me to add them in! ^^
(( ** = Maybe ))
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