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Originally Posted by MirniMausi View Post
Congrats Steffi!!!

As for my current progress, it looks pretty poor. As the event I was planning Serenity for got cancelled, I decided to do it for summer next year and do other projects before. Currently, I started working on my Sailor Busters-Costume (Sailor Stars Musical), but so far, I have only the brooch done and I still need the school uniform, jacket and of course I have to style the new wig. I hope I can finish everything before the con in november ;_;

Awww, Tarina, Chibiusa and Helios is always such a cute cosplay for couples! Can't wait to see it, you're such a cute Chibimoon <3
Haha, thanks!

Ooooh, looks like we'll both be working on a Serenity cosplay next year summer!
I don't think I've ever seen anyone do a Sailor Busters outfit, they're soo cute! Good luck with it c:
I'm sure you'll manage! My Pluto for Expo is panicking slightly, she has so much to do - I wish I could help her!
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