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Passing time at a Convention:

I'm curious what most people do to pass the time at a convention.I've only gone to two thus far, but there's always a certain time where nothing is going on really, or there is a lack of cosplays you want to take a picture of. My idea is that you have some con-related fun, like before I wanted to play a "Photo Scavenger" hunt with my room-mates to see who could take a picture of everything on the list. This coming convention I won't be able to do much, at least not with the fact I'll be going with my girlfriend so I think it'd be finished in no time if we actually did that. (only because we could take pictures of the same people and the contest would end flat like that). Anyone else have anything they would do to pass time? Like playing a game with room-mates, "Fear Factor" taste-testing, or touring the city?
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