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This may get to be a little Long 0_0 So in short, Nazis, religion, and my dad. That is all. And slenderman.(I had this dream a few nights ago, after watching Schindler's List so....)
It starts out in a BEAUTIFUL church (looked a bit catholic...) and I take my seat at a piano (yes, I play it in and crack my finger. The scene changes as I start to play a beautifully slow melody ( I've been doing research, and still have know idea what the song was) Now I'm walking down a fairly crowded street with my mother and brother. The melody speeds up a bit and I catch a glimpse of myself playing it with my eyes closed. Suddenly my mother is throwing my into a closet and says something but I can't hear her over the sound of the piano. the only bit that I could lip-read was something about my father. She and my brother leave me and run. I sit and cling to a rainbow colored cloth ( I'm....secretly Bi so...). The room darkens and the climax of the song suddenly becomes terrifying. I can hear my family screaming over it as their shot by men in green uniforms. I watch everything from a crack in the closet door....
The scene finally returns to myself and the piano. a priest is watching me play over my shoulder. I can't hear what he says as he starts yelling at me but the sound of glass breaking is so loud that my ears ring and the next thing I know is I'm holding a knife to him.
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