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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone!

...on that note, it's absolutely redonkulous with the animals at my Aunt and Uncle's house. They have a mini dachshund, a doberman, a Siamese cat and a tabby cat. The Siamese and the dachshund are BOTH in heat and the doberman isn't neutered. X_X Oh, and the BEST part? The siamese cat actually managed to piss THROUGH THE STOVE-PIPE HOLE IN THE BEDROOM OVER THE DINING ROOM, RIGHT ONTO THE DINING TABLE. THANKFULLY it wasn't time to eat yet. (The house is reallllly old- the hole's always been there. They never got rid of it for some reason.) Seriously, I was half shocked and half laughing my ass off.
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There's a vibe here that says "We're in this together!Through thick and thin fabric! Through cold water washes and burning hot irons! Though we might super glue ourselves to our projects, cut holes/gashes/oh-god-mom's-gonna-kill-me into the dining room table, we will stand strong together. Unless there is a 75% off sale at the Fabric store. Then you're on your own. And get the hell out of my way."<3
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