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Originally Posted by Zweihander View Post
Oooo! What soul level are you? We should do co-op! I enjoy helping out in that game just as much as I enjoy invading/PVP.
That would be fun! I'm not online with my latest file because I'm controlling world tendency. But I never got very far on NG+ with my original game so we could do that. That's at SL105 or so. My husband is on vacation this week and has been kind of hogging the console (also playing Demon's Souls) so I may not be on much. But I'll shoot you a PSN message when I think I'll be around.

In my lastest game I started as a Knight and am trying to rely more on melee and less on magic. I learned from Dark Souls to soul level focusing on stats for particular equipment, then spend souls leveling the shit out of said equipment. Things are a lot easier this time around.

Originally Posted by Zweihander View Post
Also, I had similar experiences with Nano Breaker and NeverDead. They both had a lot of cool ideas, but the execution couldn't possibly have been any further off. Key difference bein' that El Shaddai wasn't a terrible game.
Yeah, usually with a game, I'm really binary - either I love it and play it to death or within a few hours I go "meh" and abandon it. With El Shaddai I kind of debated about whether I should keep going. There are lots of good things about it, but the fighting was really a lot of work for me.
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