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Originally Posted by MariMorgan View Post
I'm looking for tutorials for Vincent Valentine's:
Thank you very much!
Try under Cosplay by Series/Genre, Video Games. They will point you in the right direction.

Originally Posted by bluebottle View Post
Looking for a nurse joy tutorial and free pattern thanks
Are you just looking for a pattern of an apron with a pinner? You can draft one if you don't want to pay for a pattern. The top is a trapazoid, double sided. The waistband is double sided with the top and bottom of the apron sandwiched inbetween. The bottom or skirt is a large rectangle hemmed and finished. Fullness depends on width.

Originally Posted by nearlyfarley View Post
I'm not sure where else to ask it- so I'm posting here.
I'm looking for a pattern to start a Scarlet Witch costume from.
Basically I want something that is a bodysuit, but I want to be able to put boning it so the top part is like a bustier.
Any pattern suggestions?
Try under Cosplay by Series/Genres, Comics/Cartoons, Marvel Universe. Unless the Scarlet Witch has changed. Her costume is red tights and a reinforced swimsuit like item.

Originally Posted by Rangiku12 View Post
like a shrug. More above the waistline
Simplicity has several patterns.

Originally Posted by anime_grl View Post
hi! i need help making a miku ZATSUNE costume. i have men's shirts and i can make the skirt, i just don't know how to convert the shirts to strapless.. please help! =)
Do you have a picture?
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