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Name: Colter / Unaki

Location: Southern Kentucky close to Nashville, TN

Summary: I am a 22 year old male that spends a majority of his time working on his skills in the competitive gaming scene. I spend a good chunk of free time bettering myself in League of Legends. I have a small dream to become a recognized name in the LoL competitive scene. Other than LoL, I enjoy many other genres with RPGs being the most loved genre. Outside of video games I spend my time preparing for conventions and working on costumes for them. When I cosplay, if its requested I generally do a cosplay for friends even if I have little knowledge or don't care for the series it comes from (Except Homestuck). As far as what I like in anime, I tend to gravitate towards the flashy action or super robot series such as Gurren Lagann (I actually cried at certain key points) and Sengoku basara.

I have also dabbled in Airsoft and even Belegarth though I don't do those activities too much anymore because of the time and money I have to sink into cosplay and gaming.

Likes: People who get excited about cosplay and/or anything I am interested in, technology and a plethora of other things most cosplayers would be into.

Dislikes: Homestuck, rowdy fanbases that regularly disrupt conventions due to immaturity (Again, Homestuck. I recognize there are mature people within the fanbase but I have seen many photoshoots pushed out of their venue due to them and I have seen many annoying groups of kids give con-goers a bad rap.), liars and people who have a "Pay attention to ME and ME alone" mentality.

I am looking for friends and hopefully a relationship with a female that shares some of my interests that I can hang out with at conventions or just normal daily life. Its hard to find someone in my area of the states with similar interests.

Cons I regularly attend: MTAC (Home con), AWA, Seishuncon, Momocon
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