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Sasha- Haha I actually didn't know I was making her back when I commented on her seams!! XD It did make me want to make her though!

Anywho! Piccuus!

Periwinkle!! Once I get enough funds (My account after florida is under the $5 range >>
I'm going to buy a wig for her :3 This was just for now XP Only white wig I had. Aaand I'm getting my wings made by I won't get them until late Jan/Early Feb

My Mum in her Fairy Mary 8D


I am going to lengthen the aprons straps cause the pic I used as a reference they weren't crossed in the back (even though I could have sworn they were) and hello they are ><

aaand the I'm going to buy another and sew the wefts from this one to it..somehow I tore the skin cap (even though i was being more careful than I am with my other wigs ><) so I couldn't get the bangs the way I wanted Q^Q It's also too thin for my liking XD
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