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Originally Posted by Ororo Monroe View Post
There are a few choice things I'd like to tell you husband. The nicest I can say, "Does he want it good or cheap?" It's for sure he wants it fast. I hope you don't have anything else to do: work, school, children, etc...Try under props/accessories/armor. Look under craft foam, but don't discount other mediums. Do you have experience making armour?
This will be my first attempt at making armor, but it seems easy enough. Making foam armor that is. That particular armor is psycho. lol. In fact I told him he needed to think of a different more basic armor. His response was to show me this: Which seems easier, but not really what I was asking for. LOL.

I found a few sort of resources for this armor, the Nightingale Armor online, but I'm not really sure how to size the armor effectively. I'll take a look at the forums again, though I didn't see anything specific yesterday when I was looking. Craft foam seemed the easiest and most cost effective medium at the moment. I'd hate to kill leather when I have no idea what I'm doing yet.
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