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Name: Nicole
Location: NC
Summary: I'm very shy in RL until you get to know me, then I'm crazy. Online is a pretty good representation of how I actually am in personality, except I might be a tiny bit less crazy in RL :P I get very obsessed with one fandom at a time, and I LOOOVE costuming from my fandoms (current project: Arena! Katniss)
Likes: dance, singing (if I can be alone :P ), writing, ice skating, swimming, hot weather, wearing costumes, Hunger Games, Narnia, LotR, PotC, Star Wars, the TV show Psych...
Dislikes: most gaming (with a few exceptions), cold weather, show-offs, people who give no effort in dance (lol, I mean, like they're taking the class but doing it so lazily as if they'd rather not be there)
Looking for: Friends. Someday I hope to have a relationship/get married. I'm female BTW.

*edit* I forgot to mention I'm 19.
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