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Scoured and found these for those who requested.

Originally Posted by Celine View Post
Fri- Norma from Tales of Legendia
Sat (early)- Terra from Final Fantasy 6
Sat (afternoon)- Yuri from Tales of Vesperia
Sun- Tear from Tales of the Abyss

reference photo:

Originally Posted by Fyrebyrne View Post
AWA was a great time, had a lot of fun. If you took any pics of me and my friends, I'd love to see them! Link or tag me on Facebook ♥

Gangnam Group (Psy, Elevator Guy, and female dancers. Pretty much all of our poses were the between elevator guy's leg pose), Fairy Tale group (Laxus, Juvia, Mira Jane, Grey, Happy Plush), or Avatar (Adult/Councilman Sokka and Police Chief Toph). Also my friend is looking for pics in her gijinka (Jigglypuff on Friday, Zorua on Saturday). Thank you!

Originally Posted by cherushia View Post
Thursday night I was Granny Smith, with a walker.
Friday I was Grell Sutcliff with a Sebastian with me. We were the ones giving the fan service. He as carrying a tray around, I had no prop.
Saturday I was Princess Kakyuu(Sailor Moon) with Galaxia and Queen Nehelenia. We were winners in the costume contest for group.
Sunday I was Sailor Iron Mouse(Sailor Moon)
Originally Posted by ShibbyOmittchi View Post
I was a school girl version of eevee at various times all three days. Sunday I had a flareon with me. For the ball and most of saturday I was Kaito from the vocaloid song the madness of duke venomania.

Originally Posted by SSj3_Derek View Post
I was Superman. Yeah, that's pretty much it, but if anyone has pictures, I would appreciate them. Thanks!

Originally Posted by Mr.Pedobear View Post
Pedobear, Wearing the "who needs swag when you have gangnam style" t-shirt. I was there all three days.

Originally Posted by Vashtos View Post
On Saturday I was Kratos Aurion and on Sunday I was Vash the Stampede.


If you can message me links to any pics, that would be great!

Originally Posted by SomeoneSpiffy View Post
I don't actually think anyone is going to find me. I was pretty late for just about every panel and moving constantly. 0.0' Not to mention not that popular. :/ I was femshin (Female battousai Kenshin from Samurai X) on Saturday. Only a few people took pics. :/
I saw myself for about two seconds in a crowd video. It was like a bigfoot picture.
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