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Hello everyone!
This isn't my first time cosplaying, but it's been about 4 or 5 years since I last did it. And now I want to get more serious with the hobby.

Age: 19
Height: 4'10"
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde, Jaw Length
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Other: Freckles (Face & Shoulders)

I have a very shy personality, so I don't wear anything that's risqué, so that's where I'm stumped. I will wear skirts that are on the short side, if I have leggings. xD I'm not in a hurry, since I just want an idea for now. I won't be attending anything until next year, hopefully. And I'm willing to study up on characters that I'm not familiar with. I have a few ideas, but I want to see what other people say first. Oh, and I wouldn't mind wearing a wig! Maybe even dying it too.

Crossplay: Yes. My first cosplay was actually Matt from Death Note, and so it was my first crossplay too!~ Two-for-one C:

As for Ai07091995: I was thinking Tomoe from Queen's Blade, Nadeko from Bakemonogatari, or Kuroneko from Ore no Imouto (If you would wear a dress ._.)
I'm really bad at this .-.
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