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Originally Posted by UsakoLuna View Post
Aw they're cute.

Hello. My name UsakoLuna and I have an addiction. To "She Stole My Baby" themed Lifetime movies.
Thank you! They super are.

Originally Posted by ShinobiXikyu View Post
Are those long-haired mice? I've never seen ones like that (and gosh they're cute).

Just Guybrush, he's possibly just unusual. I've never seen one with long hair like that and he was the only one like that at the store. Fancy/hobby mice are basically the same species as the 'feeder' mice, which are specifically breed to be red-eyed and white in color where-as the hobby mice and bred for being pets so they have various kinds of coats and colors with dark eyes. Longhairs are around, but I haven't come across any in the years I've owned mice.

From what I understand the longhair gene is recessive so you need two parents either with the gene or longhair themselves to make a longhair babies. I doubt this is particularly common for regular ol' pet shop critters so Guybrush here is just unique I 'spose.

Since Guybrush is only around 2-3 months old his longhair appearance will get a bit less fuzzy looking as he gets older though, it's so pretty while he's little though!

Originally Posted by BlondieSundae View Post
Emmers I'm coming to your house to pet them. You're gonna wake up to me sitting in your room with your mice just petting them.
I would not pet Murray, he's kind of a jerk :|
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