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Originally Posted by BlondieSundae View Post
I will just pet guybrush then D=
Originally Posted by SakuraxTsubasa View Post
Guybrush is the cutest thing I have ever seen.
I can't see Murray too well. But if he's a jerk he doesn't deserve to be petted. D:<

Giant fuzzy blankets!
Here's one I took of the first night we had them, Murray has the little cut on his ear that was there when we got him and was probably there from birth.

I am honestly surprised how Murray has ended up, he was super shy and hiding the first night and I thought he'd be more placid then Guybrush who is very adventurous and outgoing. The turn around in his personality is strange, I think maybe because he was housed with two other mice at the store that they didn't really have a hierarchy but now it was just him and Guybrush he was fighting for dominance.

It makes me really very sad how it turned out with Murray and I wish it had gone differently :\ it took a lot to have me agree with Boyfriend that Murray can't stay with us. But Boyfriend is right, if Murray bit Guybrush then I cannot keep them together and Murray is a risk to biting me as well.

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