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Exclamation Hetalia industrial revolution england cosplay

Hello, so I'm having a little problem with starting the coat for my industrial revolutionary England cosplay. I have the white dress shirt and pants done, and i already have some ideas on materials to use that might go well, but my main concern is what pattern to use? Since it looks like the kind of coat that has a zipper n the front rather than buttons. I tend to be a huge perfectionist when it comes to making cosplays, and i want it to look professional as possible so any info/ suggestions are greatly appreciated!! Especially to those who have made the cosplay before! Also for the edges (like on the collar edges, down sides of contrast, ect.) would it be better to do a hong kong finish using bias tape or?? And last what about the sash? (pattern wise) >w<;;; thank you!!! ; w ; ;;;
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