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Originally Posted by Patcave View Post
They were. I think it depended on the guard on-duty at the time. The lovely costumer wanted some shots near the water fountain area, and I told her about the restrictions, but since we were already at Hardy Ivy Park, and just across the street from the SunTrust building, we decided to give it a go, and the security guard did approach us, and let us know what was up, but if we restricted the photo-taking to none of the signage or of the SunTrust building itself, it'd be okay to snap some quick shots, so we took him up on the offer, and quickly took the shots, and finished up the shoot.

I've seen some other shots by others at the SunTrust over Dragon*Con weekend, so I guess as long as it wasn't a big crew of people, and you got the easy-going guard, you got to take some shots there.
Cool, thanks for the info. I walked past there a couple of times but there was always a stern-looking guard on a Segway, so we just kept walking past.

I'm enjoying your shots in this thread, by the way.
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