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Originally Posted by Ai07091995 View Post
I'm somewhat willing to wear colored contacts (I do night contacts anyway). I will not dye my hair but I want the cosplay to be "passable/decent." I won't wear a skirt or heels, boots might be okay, sandals might be okay, sneakers are great.

I've uploaded two pictures of myself (hair down and hair up). These are recent pictures.

Hair: shoulder length brown hair
Eyes: brown eyes, somewhat willing to wear colored contacts (though it will be my first time wearing them during the day)
Height: 5'5" ish, no heels!
Personality: Outgoing, loud, stubborn. Not one of those shy people. Planning on doing this for halloween (and comic-con I suppose).
Budget: Not entirely sure. Just give me ideas.
Sew: Nope I can't. Not at all. Though I might be able to get my friend to commission something for me.
What I watch/like: Most popular animes and games (not really a fan of One Piece though), Harry Potter, Willing to watch other animes and see if I like the characters. Not a fan of movies or Star Wars or Dr.Who
Crossdressing: If you truly think I can pull it off, sure why not?

Thanks! Sorry bout the long post.
Wanting to cosplay as a known character (not one of those appears in like 3 episodes only) and don't mind cosplaying as someone relatively mysterious either. When I said loud, I meant not shy, I didn't mean obnoxious.
I'm also thinking about cosplaying as Aerith, Tifa, or Vincent Valentine (though I'm not sure I can pull it off). More suggestions?
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