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Thomas Arclight wig help

Image reference --->

I was browsing the interwebs for a wig to use when I cosplay as Thomas Arclight and I found these 3 options:

Theres this wig #1:

Nicely spiked, and the perfect wig (seems like), but its really expensive but I do get free shipping.

Wig #2:
I think its basically the same wig but its not styled like it should be, but if I were to order from here I could spike it myself. I think ive read some people who have ordered from here and they liked it. Though I may cofused with another site. Its less expensive but still is but this wig I also get free shipping.

And wig # 3:

Honestly, I was not expecting to see a yellow/red wig from here. I browsed through the Reviews section of the site to see other wig sites (of course with a positive review) and I checked out Matchwigs and they have really nice wigs in their gallery. And when I stumbled upon this particular wig I fangirled so hard XD. I am ok with buying from here because I get free shipping (again) and its a very decent price but most importantly others have bought from Matchwigs and they were really happy with what they got from there.
But the only problem I have is that Thomas has a long piece of hair from the right side of his face I believe and I could buy extensions for that part, but the extension may not match the wig.

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