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Originally Posted by coius View Post
While I was going for the whole "non-sticked/one piece vest" look, I am also limited on tools. The only real sewing machine I have access to (and I can't afford a half-decent one with my income) I don't have much of an advantage. It is an older singer, but it has a lot off issues. While working (and trying to sew, the result was a disaster from the machine) the bobin mechanism at the bottom went wonky and has already snapped 4 needles in half in the process. It's an older electric one (60? 50's?) that is portable, but it has run it's course. Unfortunately, the only person I technically know as a friend has one is sorta difficult to work with. She herself is new in anything sewing, but she acts as an expert (despite me seeing some of her work) and only work with her as long as I can bare the put-downs she does about "her way is best/ etc.." so when I have an idea I want to try, instead of letting me try it, she automatically shoots it down and belittles how bad an idea it is.

That's pretty much the only access I have to for sewing machines. I need to save some money first, but finances come first, and with Anime Nebraskon coming up, I still need to make sure I have money when I walk in that door, and on my limited income while going to school, it's gonna be an issue to just run out and buy one. Even locally they start at $300 for a decent one low-end. Not that I am in the middle of nowhere, but the only people who sell them here are fabric shops (Hancock, walmart doesnt' carry them here) and ones that I see for less than $70 online are going for well over $500 at the local hancock.

Ordering online will be an issue since timing till the convention is getting closer.

I will be able to get one some day so I can learn the techniques, but I work with what I got. Unfortunately, this is what I got.

I did the area around the arms great. I was suggested a sewing glue adhesive for tucking the corners. I have not been able to run out and get that yet, but I will. And it will be a small dab just to keep it down.

The adhesive itself can be ironed over. The look of the unironed treatment was after it was done. I had to leave where I was making it quickly and had a lot of stuff to carry, so I sorta (and I know, bad!) stuffed it in my carrying bag and left. That caused the wrinkles. It was pre-washed and ironed before I started.

Still waiting on the buttons to come in. I already got the sandals/shoes. The jeans are already ready to go. I will do a bit more combing over and seeing through research what I can do to work with the vest better, but it does look good. It looks like a clean edge, I took my time. I just apologize that I didn't have the best light and/or area to take the pics.
I saw some at Wal Mart in Papillion Saturday night. They are kind of tucked in a weird aisle near the fabrics, but not visible when you are perusing the fabric, you have to go kind of around and further than the fabric aisle.

Be careful with the tape--I know a lot of stuff will say "permanant" but won't necessarily be. If nothing else, bring some extra duct tape or something with you to con for emergency oopses.

If you ever do sew this, just do the notches the same way.
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