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Originally Posted by Amandy-Chan View Post
Neither would be better. There's nothing official in that regard. Character items are all just commonly accepted fan-invented things anyway.

On a somewhat related note, has anyone ever gotten free food because of their Vocaloid cosplay? My boyfriend and I dress as Rin and Len. At ALA, another Len gave him bananas and at Anime Expo, some random person gave me an orange. :3
While cosplaying KAITO one year, some fangirls offered to buy me some ice cream one year at Otakon while I was walking around in the Inner Harbor. Mot awkward yet most amazing impromptu date I've ever been on.

Despite it not being official or whatnot, I would still like to know.
I was trying to get enough opinions before saying this, but folks think I'm looking for officialness, so I may as well just say it. I'm planning on making the item myself. So, I'd like to know which would be better to do: a cone or a popsicle. I'm leaning more towards the popsicle for simplicity sake...
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