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Making pleated skirts

So I've finally decided to take a hand at sewing, so I can make my own cosplays! The first one I wanna attempt is Vocaloid Meiko's default outfit. It looks easy enough to tackle as a first-timer, however..... how do you make a skirt have pleats? I really love pleated skirts, and it's not like it is hard to buy one, but when we're talking about Meiko's skirt, you really can't find that one at any store, unless you plan to shell out some cash to buy the official cosplay.

So I was wondering how one would go about this? I'm probably going to do it the old-fashioned way by just a needle and thread by now until I can use the machine, so if anyone knows an easy method of making pleated skirts with hand-sewing, that'd be great ^.^
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