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Originally Posted by Oniigiri_Basket View Post
The only revealing cosplay I've ever worn, my mom was entirely fine with it. She knows I can handle myself. And, I mean, I was in a crowded hotel (you seriously couldn't move without hitting somebody), not in a dark back alley.
The amount of awful things happening at conventions is astounding. A friend of mine worked security at cons for years, here's what happened at ONE convention I went to where he worked security:

The artist alley was vandalized after hours, hundreds of dollars in merchandise was stolen. They stole convention security badges and where fallowing young girls around the convention demanding to be let into their room under the grounds of being security and threatening to kick them out of the convention if they didn't. One 13 year old girl was drugged and raped at the rave, if I recall it was by the same guy's as above. The guy's fallowed a group of underage girls into the elevator and to their hotel room and tried to force their way in, again using the stolen press badges as some kind of power to do so. One girl was almost kidnapped in the parking lot, the guy grabbed her from behind while she was at her car when some people from the convention came outside and saw what was going on so he dropped the girl and took off. Live steel was being unchecked the entire weekend, one guy had blades that where attached to upper-arm bands with nothing but a thick fabric rubber band to hold them in place meaning extremely sharp blades where exposed without a sheath and if he so much as nudged into someone they'd get cut by them.

And that's all at ONE convention.


Being crowded in a hotel or convention center doesn't make you safe, you'd probably be safer walking alone in a dark alley then crowded together with 3,000+ strangers.
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