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For Men: Crossplay Makeup (MORE is more!)

Apologies if I'm being a little forward posting this so shortly after I've joined. But I know it was super hard for me starting in crossplay without someone giving me a little push in the right direction. That being said, I figured I'd lend my experience in answering one of the most difficult questions when it comes to boys crossplaying as girls: the makeup. It's a lot of work, but when done correctly the illusion is flawless!

*Facial Scrub
*Glue Stick
*Skintone Concealer
*Skintone Foundation
*Concealer (Lighter than Skintone)
*Concealer (Darker than Skintone)
*Makeup Sponges (for Foundation)
*Makeup Brushes (for Concealer)

1) Scrub and moisturize your face. This is a must for everyone, male or female. Makeup can get a little harsh on the skin, so you'll want to protect it. Besides, oils can creep up to the surface pretty quickly, and no one wants to look unintentionally shiny.

2) Glue down your eyebrows. It's a common trick when you're a gender illusionist to hide your original eyebrows and draw on sleek, higher, more feminine brows. Grab a rubbing alcohol and dab it over your eyebrows to get rid of the extra oils, then take a standard glue stick and flatten them down, going from the inside out. Then grab a concealer and powder over it. Then glue again, and powder. Repeat it a few more times, and let it set for a few minutes.

3) Make your face a blank canvas. Men have notoriously broad features, so it's important to neutralize them by first starting with a completely blank surface. That way, you can draw on all the lady features later. :P Take a liquid foundation and cover your entire face (nose, eyes, cheeks, chin, eyebrows... everything but your lips). When you look in the mirror, your face should look completely blank... and a little bit terrifying. This is good.

4) Time to contour. This part gets a little complicated, and there's a number of Youtube tutorials that can help with this. I personally recommend Misty Eyez. She's an established drag queen, and I learned a lot of the basics from her (a lot of which I've toned down for cosplay. I'm going for anime/video game character, not explicitly drag ). Basically, the whole point of contouring is giving the illusion that your face is shaped like a woman's. Your going to do so by taking a concealer two or three shades darker than your foundation and painting your strong features in a way that your jaw, forehead, and nose appear less straight and squared and more rounded and feminine. Make sure you blend it into the foundation!

5) And now we highlight! This is going in the opposite direction of contouring. You're going to now take a concealer that's a few shades lighter than your foundation. Using round brush strokes, you're going to paint what is know as your T-Zone. Doing this will highlight these areas, and make your face stand out while also giving it that girlish look. Once again, make sure to blend into the foundation!

That'll do it for it the basic layer of your face! In a little bit I'll post how to do the eyes and lips. I know it's a little difficult to really grasp the instructions when you're not looking at them. I'll get onto making a video to help my fellow crossplay brethren within the next week or so. Until then, here's the tutorials I started out with! As I said, Misty is a drag queen. So you can choose to either tone it down or play it up as you see fit for the character.

Highlighting Tutorial!
Shadowing/Contouring Tutorial!
Blending Tutorial!

That's all for now, hope it helps!

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