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Originally Posted by animenerd93 View Post
to me i wouldnt trust options 1 or 2, just dont seem super reliable, plus even if it looks fully styled in the picture odds are it wont b once its been shipped in the mail. if ur going to have to respike it, id prob just sew in the extensions myself since not all wigs can just be spiked up. id look into arda or epiccosplay for a spikable wig
Well I see what you see mean when you say that it looks styled in the photo it wouldnt come exactly how it should look when I receive my wig; but in this case im using a base wig. I checked Arda and they do have multicolored wigs but not in the style I need; or vice versa. I also checked out epiccosplay as well and they only have one multicolored wig, again not the one I need. I could order two wigs and splice them together if thats what you meant but im not that experienced yet. I probably wouldnt have gone with either 1 or 2 mostly because theyre expensive. Id pay good money for a wig but not that much. But if I went if #3 Id probably buy the extensions from Arda .

Oh I just thought of something! Could I add the extensions I would buy to the wig in the more maroon/burghandy (sp?)/dark red color to make it more color accurate? I was wondering this because the wig in option #3 is actually more red intead of dark red like his hair.
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