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Originally Posted by Ororo Monroe View Post
Thank you for the pictures. In the movie Hawkeye is using a tricked out compound bow and in the pics that is definately not a compound bow. Most of what you will find under the prop/accessories/armor section when you look up Hawkeye, bow, arrow, quiver (or a mix there of) will be the movie version. They can be usefull. But try foam, foam board, and longbow as keywords too. There are several excellent links; all with good advice. Myself I'd look into using the PVC method off of youtube for that particular style. If you don't have a well vented work area then foam or foam board. The foam board would be harder to get a 3D look. Also try the cosplay by series/genre, cartoons/comics, marvel universe. This is just one of them.
Thank you sooo very much for this. =)
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