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by multi-gun, i mean a singular unit that has multiple "barrels" in order to fire different
types of projectiles

the gun is intended to be easily created, repaired, and handle what ever might be available for ammo,
also for long term viability it would be a non-firearm (no explosive/propellants)

i havent finalized a design nor can i draw/sketch worth a darn so pics are kinda out of the question, but ill try to describe it in some detail

i was thinking along the lines of a short riffle, or a large pistol,
main barrel would launch projectiles via a spindle (similar to a pitching machine)
and be able to handle bolt and semi/spherical rounds
(torsion would be generated by crank, or a ratcheting lever)

and a side barrel would use disk like or other semi-flat rounds like coins or arrow heads
launched using a rail type catapult
(like the "slide" in a stapler but in reverse)

by framework i mean, to make a structure to hold everything in place,
im bad with terminology, but i guess itd be like a gun made from the inside out, and not encasing it, as to make it easier to keep track of wear, and hopefully ease of access for maintenance

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