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Originally Posted by Naudae View Post
While cosplaying KAITO one year, some fangirls offered to buy me some ice cream one year at Otakon while I was walking around in the Inner Harbor. Mot awkward yet most amazing impromptu date I've ever been on.

Despite it not being official or whatnot, I would still like to know.
I was trying to get enough opinions before saying this, but folks think I'm looking for officialness, so I may as well just say it. I'm planning on making the item myself. So, I'd like to know which would be better to do: a cone or a popsicle. I'm leaning more towards the popsicle for simplicity sake...
It's just as everyone has been saying, neither is better. They are both used equally often.

That's really adorable that they bought you ice cream, though. :3
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