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Originally Posted by HatsuneMikuFan1 View Post
I have a 36c chest and I will be cosplaying ciel phantomhive next year. it is my first time crossplaying. Can anyone help me?
I've got the same bust size, and so far the only thing that's really worked for me (that I could afford, anyway) was one of those Spanx shirts. It didn't get me completely flat, but I was wearing a jacket (cosplaying Simon from Gurren Lagann) that I tailored a bit big and was able to...erm. Shift the boobs around, so that they gave the desired impression. For all anyone knew, I was a Simon with impressive pecs :>

I'm still looking into other options re: what's affordable or not, but the Spanx shirt cost me $25 and actually didn't look too bad when I cosplayed as Tiger from Tiger&Bunny. I surprised at least a couple of people when they found out I was a girl!
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