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Thanks for the compliments and critiques.
As I said we have some further tailoring to do for the perfect fit on the trench. The collar is actually lined the same as the rest of the jacket and was made by folding over the portion you see and sewing a seem. I think... I'm terrible with anything regarding sewing so the terminology are probably wrong, and that may or may not have made sense...
I'll look into backing it with a heavier weight fabric.

No make-up was used. Just my naturally pale and sleep deprived face. Lol.

I wasn't even aware that they made different sized wigs, I had assumed they were a one size fits all type thing. Which picture are you referring to where my hair is sticking out? I hadn't noticed any.

Thanks again, my girlfriend and I are quite happy with how it all turned out, but there's almost always room for improvement.
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