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Hmm. Yeah, mine has quite a few wrinkles, hard to call it a "compression" shirt if it's not even tight. :| Yet it's very difficult to put on... All because the stupid cuffs and collar don't stretch. >.< Apparently they've never heard of a zig-zag stitch....

I'm wondering if I should go back and get a smaller size, and change the stitching on the cuffs so it'll stretch. Then again, I'm not confident in my ability to sew stretchy material...
Or maybe I should buy a different brand? Mine says "Advanced High Performance by Champion."

The wrinkles do bother me, so if I can get another shirt that doesn't have this problem, I will. As long as I can still put it on without crushing my eyeballs with the collar. XD

Oh, also, are your shirts a little fuzzy on the inside? Mine is, which seems nice for the winter, but not so nice for warmer weather... Just wondering if they're all like that, considering they're long-sleeved. ^^;
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