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Originally Posted by novaraven1 View Post
your ref image has a side part and only yellow on the left side of his head. none of the wigs you referenced have that. If I were you I'd be buying a burgandy wig from arda or epic, whichever has a red you prefer, and adding the yellow extensions where they are needed for the bangs. Style and spike it yourself since you'll have to do that anyways no matter where you order it from. Nothing comes perfectly styled unless you go to a commissioner. Trying to save money at match wigs will probably leave you with something terribly innacurate, but if you're ok with that then go for saving money and just buy the one you like the best.

Also, the five wits has a two toned gold and red wig if you want to look at another one.

Most of the gold and red wigs you will find are made for the main character from Star Driver. Try doing an ebay search for that and you'll find more options.
No the wigs I referenced have the left yellow (not blonde but whatever) bangs to the side and the rest of his maroonish red hair is the rest. Yeah I know the ref image is cut off but it was the best I could find because other pics I still couldnt see his hair or his hair was off. Anyways but ok I could try that. I see I buy a maroon red wig from Arda. Now that you mention Arda I could buy yellow bangs from there too since they have that and spike those...yeah heard of him, and they do have similar hair but the main character from SD has red not maroon hair. When I mentioned matchwigs I wasnt going to buy that wig just because it was less expensive; it was because other people from here have bought from them too and they were happy with what they got so they're ok to buy from.
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