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@ FinalEVA:

Fat Suit: Oh wow, so you ordered it already? That's cool. I think the extra stuffing should really help blend the fat. If not, I am sure you will be able to figure something else out. I almost wonder if you can take fat away too...

Workout: Ha ha, well trying to do something everyday is more like it. :P I am glad to hear that you are staying active as well. Just hang in there, hopefully the work situation will be changing soon so you won't always be so tired.

Scissors: I actually have a lot of spare scissors all over the place, so it wasn't a huge loss... I guess I thought it was funny because it was like "Look at me, She-Hulk breaking scissors over here!" Okay well maybe not quite like that, but it was funny. And yes it broke right at the place where the two blades are held together. I am glad I am not the only one who has done that before. :P

Long Term Projects: Oh thank you for that link. That's an awesome shot and it's exactly what I was thinking of!! I am just hoping my earrings will be dry in time for me to do the shoot before all the pretty leaves are gone.

I agree, I think the fact that Terra spent most of her life being used by others, and yet she still resisted it. Not only that but she didn't become a big whiner like some other characters. :P

I can really see the resemblance now that you point it out. I hope you can find someone with a Shih Tzu to take a picture with. And it's no problem about the makeup tutorial. Although, I would like to try and put something together for you soon. I am sure you wouldn't mind the extra time to practice.

Fiberglass: I am glad you and Spencer have the day to work on your projects. That must be really nice. I hope you both get a lot of work done today. Ha ha, I hear you on cosplay being far less stressful than work. I feel exactly the same way!

Something Dissidia Related: I guess that makes sense about Dark Knight Cecil. And you are right about Bruce not looking nearly as muscular without the suit. As for the Joker, I have to agree with you there. He is a great villain. I agree too that there are a lot of similarities between Kefka and the Joker. That might actually make a funny picture to have a Kefka meet a Joker. :P

Your Cosplay Updates: I was able to paint this weekend! I didn't get as far along in it as I wanted, but I did pretty good. It's actually coming along very nicely and I am super excited to see it all together. I hope to have pictures very soon!! As for Pen Pen, I can't wait to see pictures of that too!! I was able to get the liquid mold stuff actually, but I have yet to try it. I am actually trying to track down a decent Lego set so I can build a barrier around the mold... I cannot believe how hard it is to find a basic Lego set and even more unbelievable is how much that stuff costs!!!

Sabin: I am glad you like the armor idea for Sabin. I think it would be appropriate for him. As for the mountain man comment, I am pretty sure Terra did say something like that. I always thought that was funny too!! As for Edgar, I am still waiting on those wigs to arrive... I also have to tweak the boots a bit and the torso armor. I think that might be it though. I also think Eric was talking about making a new sword for him, something more fitting for a king. As for Gestahl, I am very excited to have you join our group as well!! I also think Setzer would be a very cool cosplay to make!! When do you think you might start that elaborate project?

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