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I have heard people getting good quality from match wigs, but good quality to me is relative to what you need it for. They are based in China and their stock is very random so I don't trust them myself, they also seem much thinner than arda wigs. I also prefer wigs with a full latex skin top not just the button cap at the crown, it allows me to do a side part more easily and for it to look more natural close up. match wigs has nothing with a full skintop so I dont even look at their site anymore.

For another way to do it, if I were doing this wig for myself, I would probably get a yellow wig with a skin top and a burgandy wig to splice into the back half. And if I needed to I'd hand colour any parts of the yellow in the right side of the bangs to match the burgandy instead of trying to sew in wefts ontop of the skintop. You could actually just dye the back half of the wig burgandy too over the yellow but i find dying or airbrushing wigs can leave you with issues when the pigment decides to flake off or rub off on things and the costume is a light colour so i wouldnt chance it and keep dying to a minimum.
Arda wigs sells some full skintop wigs, but newlook brand and sepia brand from and amphigory also have them. They're kankelon, but with a short spiked wig it won't matter since everything needs to be hairsprayed into the spikes and not move anyways. more expensive heat resistant wigs are only needed if you want to straighten or curl a longer wig, flip up ends, or keep a very long wig from tangling as badly as regular kankelon would. You can save a bit of money and make it look more realistic by using a kankelon newlook wig as a base. And the full latex skintop feature lets you side part without sewing in extra wefts to hide it.

It might be more work than you're willing to put in. I don't know how often you plan on wearing your cosplay or if a prestyled whatever you find already made one will do just fine for you.

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