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Originally Posted by TheFontBandit View Post

I actually made three necklaces for Izzy... the coin one underneath, the collar over that, and then the snake necklace on top of that. The collar laced up the back like a corset, and the snakes attached in front. It would have been easier to put on and take off if it was one piece, though.
Yeah I plan on making the coin necklace separate xD Though I have to cast the pieces and paint them... I can't find any coins I like well enough so I'm just making the antler ones.

Her default daggers were fun to carve! (besides being the first time to cut myself with an x-acto knife... guess I avoided it long enough lol) I really like the shape of those daggers. Plus I'm making her regular outfit, so I think it's fitting ^^

However, I'm trying to avoid making that corset as this is my second "real" cosplay... Found a corset I might be able to use, but want a second opinion xD 22T&coliid=I3ATFW74G1TZVJ

I would post a pic of my in progress daggers... but I lost my camera xD
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