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Hello, all! Wow, so....I think I posted here a couple years ago....but I have no clue where my post would even be, and I feel I've changed a lot, so let's go at this again, yeah?

I'd rather not post my weight, really, and I'll link to a bodyshot, so the only number you should be aware of, I guess, is my height: 5'8"-9". But then again, I feel like that doesn't matter too much. Except just be aware that most heels make me tower over people, even though I do actually love wearing them *^* And then, drum-roll, pictures:
reference for my current hair color
my camera-whoring collage from like, last week for face/hair cut/length (aka: my avatar...)
body-shot so recent that I took it today, actually
and then me derping in my glasses, so that you're aware of that option as well :'3

While this long enough already, I'm not done *^* It's actually been a while since I've watched I'm not familiar with a lot of titles/characters anymore. That being said, I obviously don't mind cosplaying someone I'm unfamiliar with. The con I might be attending isn't for a month or so, I think, so I have a decent amount of time to familiarize myself with someone new. However, I am extremely familiar with kpop, and decently familiar with jpop/rock. If you can't tell from from the picture, I'm a little on the....thicker side, but since it will be chilly anyways, I'm perfectly fine with some support hose under shorter bottoms if need-be :'3 Also, I have a fairly large chest, so feel free to use that, but also don't worry too much about it, because I have ways~~~ And being the poor college student that I am, I can't really spend that much on a cosplay. Contacts and a shampoo in-and-out dye for darker hair for the day is about as far as I can afford to go for drastic cosmetic changes, and it would certainly be easier on me if it were a cosplay I could put together from easy to find or even cheap/easy to make items. I do have some ability in sewing~ Also, crossplay is alright, provided I can hide my hair somehow and also have a little leeway in concealing my chest.
TL;DR: -large chest, athletic build
-(colored) contacts and wash-in/out shampoo for darker hair is okay
-crossplay is okay for the most part
-please stay cheap and easy (i.e., easy-to-find or quick/easy to make items, no wigs)
-I'm fine with cosplaying someone I don't know very well, or even at all, because I have time to learn
-Kpop suggestions also loved, Jpop/rock accepted too :'3
~and finally, see pictures for reference.
I'm sorry that I'm long-winded, guys *^*
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