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Pirates of the Caribbean 2013

Every year for the past few years I've gone to Otakon as Jack Sparrow and my friend as Will Turner and every year we run into other PotC characters so for the next otakon I decided we should band together for a shoot. The location will obviously be the harbor near the ship. Time and day is still too early to tell.

Lets get a list of characters together. Please post which character(and version) you plan on being and your first name and last initial and if you have friends who want to be added to the list but don't have an account please list them as well. Non Specific pirate characters are welcome as well(Such as One-Piece).

Take What Ye Can........Give Nothin' Back!

Captain Jack Sparrow(PotC1 Hybrid) - Bryan M.(wickedknightx)
Will Turner(PotC1 Muskateer) - Gregg G. (Maybe)

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