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Originally Posted by Ranma 1-2 View Post
Woohoo, thats great news. ^_^ Hopefully I will see your cosplay on stage then. (I need to juggle a few things cuz I said I would be lookout for my friends who will be in full fur suits all day Sat - hopefully they will want a break to cool down though and I will be able to come and watch the mini masquerade. If your Plu needs to borrow my time key staff on Sat she is welcome (esp if it helps her concentrate all effort into finishing her costume). Will you be cosplaying anything Fri this Expo?
Really? Oh that's fantastic, I'll let Rachel know about that, she'll be so happy! Thanks!
I'm cosplaying as Usagi in her school uniform on Friday. Just something casual and comfortable!

@Prissi: haha thanks, not as good as yours though! Though, I'm really interested in buying your wig, but I won't be able to straight away D:
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