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Back for more! This should be the last lengthy reply that I post in regards to this topic. I'll continue to post more tips as I come up with them, or as questions are asked. Feel free to ask if you're confused about something, I'm more than willing to clarify or help steer ya in the right direction.

Now then, onto the lips! The lips are probably going to be one of the easiest steps you'll have to do, if only because all you really have to do is outline, color, and shade. Anyone with even a little drawing experience should be okay with step. If not, just keep practicing!

*Lipliner (At Least One Shade Darker Than Lipstick)
*White Eye Shadow (Optional)

1) Lining your lips. To get started, you're going to want to tighten and flatten your lips as much as possible. The way you approach this step depends on what type of look you're going for. If you have naturally thick, full lips, just line the outline of your lips. If you have thin lips, or want to appear as if you have fuller lips (which is never a bad idea in gender illusion), you'll want to take the liner and, following the basic shape of your lip, draw a larger, exaggerated outline around your lips. If you don't have a steady hand, it might take a few tries. No worries there, just wipe it off, reapply some foundation, and try again.

2) Filling in your lips. Easiest part so far! You now have an outline, so just fill it in with the lipstick. After that, lightly rub your lips together to help smooth it out and spread it around.

3) Creating a pout (optional). This is just for fun, and it's usually a nifty look if you have a character who is either sad or very cute. Take your white shadow (the white highlighting shadow from the eye tutorial) and, with your lower lip extended, carefully paint and blend a spot on the inner-center portion of the lip. Now stand back from the mirror. The white shadow creates another highlight, giving your lips the appearance of a shine and tends to draw the eye to your lower lip.

4) Break out the liner again! This time, you're going to take the liner and, starting from the outline and working your way in just a bit, lightly begin shading. The shading should become lighter as you work your way to the inside of your lip, creating a nice blend effect. This gives your lips a more natural appearance, rather than looking like you just drew a great big line on yourself.

5) Sealing it with gloss. Lip gloss is pretty cool, in that it seals your lipstick and gives off the appearance of healthy, shiny lips. I tend to use transparent lip gloss, but you can choose to use whatever you prefer. Pinker lip glosses give off more of a pure, sweet appearance, while red glosses tend to give more of a darker, seductive look.

That's going to be all for now, but I'm sure I'll come up with more interesting tidbits later. Good luck, fellow crossplayers!

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