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Originally Posted by Apple Adams View Post
Haha, precisely! Running, jumping, climbing trees, putting on makeup while you're up there. That's me all over.
Oh, and you're a fan. Excellent.

Originally Posted by Apple Adams View Post
That's very considerate of you, and I'm sure anyone in that situation appreciates it. I'm the same way, I find it very polite and courteous to address someone by the gender they are representing at the time. The only reason I don't particularly care is because I switch back and forth so often, I don't even know what to call myself. XD
::laughs:: That's all right. Apple's a perfect "gender neutral" name. And anyway, it doesn't matter whether you're an "innie" or an "outie", so to speak, so long as you look fabulous doing it. Too bad we live on opposite coasts--I would love to see some of your costumes!
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