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So if you really want to be skinny and eat some Japanese foods or follow what they do:

1. They eat a lot of white sticky rice. It's basically empty calories. Substitute with plain brown or wild rice. Forgo any toppings. Also, make sure the rice is washed and drained properly before cooking ( has a wonderful rice tutorial).

2. They eat less. Their portions are smaller (most snack foods are individually wrapped inside the package to encourage less snacking). They also have smaller plates which makes for smaller portions.

3. If you have to fry something try to fry it in as little sesame oil as possible, or even olive oil. Learn how to fry things properly (stir fry's should be bright and crispy, fish juuuust cooked through). You don't need much oil. They also use less seasoning then we do.

4. A typical Japanese meal consists of rice, pickled veggies (or just veggies), a piece of fish or meat, and soup. More variety is healthier. They also place each item on a separate dish instead of plopping it on one. Again, this is a portions thing. EDIT: I forgot! Red meat is veeery expensive in Japan so it's not used much. If you can't afford fish (living landlocked) then just eat red meat once a week and the rest of the time plenty of veggies, beans, etc).

5. They walk or bike everywhere. It's extremely expensive to own a vehicle in Japan. If you can't walk or bike anywhere *cough*likeme*cough* then take up walking. I usually walk for an hour every day. But, I have a dog. Thirty minutes a day can make a difference as well.

6. Genetics. I hate to say it but the reason so many Japanese are thin and young-looking is just genetics. Sometimes you get the short end of the stick. Until scientists make a way to change yours yer outta luck in this department.

7. And the common sense ones: drink lots of water (will keep your skin healthy, too), don't eat snacks, don't eat out, etc.

I will also suggest buying a GOOD Japanese cookbook. Not one with Americanised Asian Coking (those tend to have lots of oils and seasonings, etc.).

Good luck!

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